Q.: Can I just bring my computer for service without contacting you prior?

A.: Yes! Of course you can. You may bring your computer any time between 9:30am to 5:30pm during business days.

Q.: What is your after service support?

A.: Once we fix your system we will keep looking after it and maintain it for free for 30 days. We want to make sure that you are happy with the service we did for your computer.

Q.: Do I get any warranty with computer parts changed or built?

A.: Yes! You have one year manufacturer warranty on any computer hardware that has been replaced in your system by PC Heart. If any of the computer part fails to operate the way it suppose to be then we are more than happy to fix that issue and replace faulty item with brand new one.

Q.: Can you come to my home?

A.: Of course! Call us and we will be there in couple of hours! We understand that sometimes computer problems can not wait, therefore we come to your house quick!

Q.: What is so special about you and your services compare to others?

A.: Firstly we think about customer's satisfaction and happiness with our services not reaching numbers. Quality is the priority number 1 for us. That is why we have after service support and maintain for FREE. Once you become our customer we will always look after you in the feature. Fixing or building your computer with us it is only the beginning for free bonuses such as animation flash gallery with you photos, upgrades and much more...
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